Everything From Our Favorite Local Spotlights to Occasional Giveaways!

Everything From Our Favorite Local Spotlights to Occasional Giveaways!

  • Stephanie Chandler
  • 10/4/21

Aging-in-place Is for Everyone!

With the aging population in America on the rise, it is more important than ever to consider how our homes and communities will evolve as we age. The U.S census bureau predicts that by 2050, adults 65 and older will make up 20% of the country’s population- a staggering statistic! One way to ensure this change does not overwhelm us is to plan ahead and build or remodel with an eye for aging-in-place before moving in or making renovations. After all, we want your forever home to live up to its name!  

Wondering what some of these features look like in person? Come out to this newly built property from City Homes this Thursday and chat with Aging-In-Place specialist Rebeca Remick and Edina Realty’s Stephanie Chandler.

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We work hard to make the process of buying or selling your home a smooth and positive experience. In addition to creating a personalized plan based on your unique goals and timeline, we offer in-house professional staging and photography, and the savvy of both local and national marketing professionals. We also bring decades of experience with renovations, new construction and investment properties. Whatever your personal goals, our team has the expertise to guide you toward your desired result – while allowing you to keep your sanity in the process.

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